Hurricane Sandy

In adventure, Carnival, Carnival Cruise Line on November 21, 2012 at 12:45 pm

I’ve been meaning to write about Hurricane Sandy forever now, and since it’s another rocky night on board, now seems like an appropriate time to do it. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how we’re doing out here. I actually think the safest place to be is the ship. Judging from the damage I’ve seen in the US due to Hurricane Sandy, I’d say I’d rather be out here. We sailed right through the tail end of sandy, and it was VERY rough!! There were literally points in the night when the ship rocked so hard that my whole body was in the air over my bed. Drawers and cupboards kept opening and shutting in our cabin, items flew off shelves, and we weren’t able to sleep for several nights. The waves on the hull were so loud it actually sounded like pieces were being ripped off the ship. There were hundreds of seasick people, including some of my coworkers. I never felt sick, but I did get a bit of a headache. They closed all the open decks for the safety of crew and guests, but I was in the engine room at one point, and on the surveillance cameras you could see waves coming up and over the lower open decks. We had guests sleeping in the lobby with their life jackets on. Working at the desk was difficult, there were times you had to hang on to avoid falling down. Walking around the ship you would take a step and feel the ship drop out from under your feet, or toss you side to side. I tried to workout at one point and decided it was too dangerous because I was getting tossed side to side on the treadmill!! I spoke to friends on other ships who didn’t get to dock in their home ports. The Ecstasy (my training ship!!) missed docking in Port Canaveral and had to spend an extra day at sea. You can imagine the massive logistical nightmare with all the guest’s flights and transport home having to be cancelled and re-booked. Several other ships missed docking as well, we were very fortunate, our arrival into Miami was merely delayed, but we made it in only a few hours later than expected. It was unreal! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. In the end, we made it, and although there were a few people bruised from falling down, no one was seriously injured. All in all, it was quite the adventure!!

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