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So here at Carnival, they try very hard to keep us crew members entertained. Every month there is a different department assigned to come up with crew activities for us to do. Example of such activities include movie nights in the theatre, parties in the cabinet bar (one of the many bars on board) with DJs and usually a theme of some kind, sports challenges, etc.  This month the entertainment department is responsible for activities. I have to say, the Ents team is really taking it to the next level. They have really put so much effort into their activities. Last night they hosted a fashion show and a crew auction where they auctioned off a date with 6 different crew members and all the proceeds are going to an orphanage in Roatan. Our lovely GSM was nominated to be auctioned off and so of course we pooled our money to bid on him. It was a wildly successful evening and they opened the whole thing by having the dancers perform the first 5 minutes of one of their production shows. It may not sound like much but for many of the crew, it was the only chance to see a part of the show that they will ever get. As an officer I’m very lucky to be able to see the shows whenever I want, however a majority of the crew do not have guest area privileges, and therefore do not get to attend the guest shows. Our shows are FABULOUS and it was a real treat for the crew to get to see parts of one. The fashion show itself was AMAZING!! Graham, one of the entertainment hosts, designed and made by hand all of the costumes. It was phenomenal. Photos to come!!

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