Breeze-y Days

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2013 at 11:24 am

One of the really cool things that ends up happening once you’ve spent some time on cruise ships is that inevitably the people you started your contract out with go on vacation and then come back to different ships. At the very least this means that you get lots of fun emails in your work inbox to keep you entertained. For me it’s meant that I also get to go aboard other ships and visit! Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my dear friends on the lovely Carnival Breeze! It was such a nice visit. The Breeze is a Dream class ship and it is the newest ship in the Carnival fleet. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! It has so many different food outlets and whatnot. We ate lunch at the Cucina del Capitano, which is an Italian restaurant and they had GLUTEN FREE PASTA!!!! It made my day!! I’ve also had the good fortune to visit the Carnival Magic several times and it’s really interesting to see the differences between each ship. If I could take a day trip to every ship I would for sure!!

I really love the cabin doors on the Breeze, check them out!!



My darling friend Valeria and I in the Breeze back office


The lobby….with cool dangly balloon thingies!!


Yes, this is on the ship!!!



Cabin doors!!!! How fun is that?!

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