Taormina & Mt.Etna, Italy

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2013 at 6:56 am

First of all, I had a really hard time deciding what photos to include today because every single one is like a postcard!!

I loved this tour so much!! The bus ride to Taormina was about an hour so I practiced my bus napping skills. Once we got there the bus parked in an underground parking lot and we took a shuttle up the hill and ended up right in Taormina. The shuttle was super crowded and I think we all had some reservations at first but as it was just going a short way no one really seemed to be too concerned.

Once in Taormina we went to see the Greek theatre which was stunning, the view of Mt. Etna from the top of the theatre was absolutely breathtaking. The guide sat us down and told us all about the theatre and history and whatnot. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. We were fortunate to get there fairly early as there was only one other group of people there at that point. By 11 when we went to meet our bus, there were about 2000 other people everywhere. We had some extra time to shop in the little stores along the street and they had some really nice Sicily souvenirs, as well as gelato, etc.

From there we went for lunch at a lovely little restaurant. There was wine and water to drink, and salad to start, which was delicious and if the first serving wasn’t enough, the waiters came around with seconds as well. Bruschetta appetizers followed, and when I told the waiter I’m a celiac he brought me gluten free bread AND bruschetta on gluten free bread. Great success!! The had three different pasta courses for the mains, spooned out of giant dishes by our efficient servers. The waiter who brought me my appetizer also had some special pasta for me and I have NEVER had gluten free pasta as good as that. It was phenomenal and I was very impressed. For dessert they served up slices of very light and tasty almond ice cream with chocolate sauce. For all courses there was plenty of food and seconds were offered.

After the wonderful lunch we went off to Mt. Etna. I’m sure the tour guide had lots of interesting facts to share, however I practiced my bus napping skills the whole way there, much to the amusement of the guests sitting next to me. Mt. Etna was spectacular!! The craters were so cool and the view of Sicily was unparalleled. I bought a little charm made out of lava!! They had a nice coffee shop and restaurant and souvenir store up there as well.


Absolutely stunning, such a wonderful day!!!



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