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I’ve really been trying to take advantage of night shift as much as possible and see as much of each port as I can. With home ports we never really get much time to go outside so in Barcelona this cruise I at least managed to get out for a few hours, which was lovely. Debbie and I just caught the shuttle to downtown and walked all over the city. We saw La Ramblas which is so beautiful and full of amazing little stores, and found a lovely little tapas restaurant.  The thing I really love about Europe is that everything is so old that there’s just so much character everywhere. Cities in Canada have character, but it’s nothing like Barcelona where you can walk down an alley and find a statue/fountain/fortress dedicated to an ancient wizened warrior/saint/philosopher/god. You can actually feel how these cities were built in a time where people really believed in something or someone. I adore Barcelona and only wish that I am able to get back on a vacation sometime when I have more time to explore!


  1. Erica, I’ve been reading your posts with great interest, to a great degree, because we had to cancel our cruise with you on the repositioning cruise. I work as a contract worker and since I found no work in January or February, it seemed prudent to work instead of cruise during April. There’ll be other cruises. But, when in Barcelona you did not mention The Cathedral of the Holy Family. When we cruised on the Liberty, we too enjoyed LaRamblas and we too found the perfect place for tapas. But Gaudi’s creation is the absolute centerpiece of Barcelona. I think if we had to pick ONE sight that we best remember during that entire cruise, it is the Cathedral in the center of Barcelona! Respectfully, Hank ps … It’s nice seeing your persepective as well as John Heald’s

    • Hi Hank! You are absolute correct, the cathedral really does perfect Barcelona. However I never really got a chance to see it up close and personal as my time in BCN was so very limited. I do regret that my Barcelona experience was sadly missing that particular adventure and hope to be able to revisit it with more time in the future. Then I will feel qualified to post about it! I’m so thrilled you’re reading and I hope to keep you entertained as we head to the Baltic! Maybe I’ll see you on a cruise in the future!!
      All the best,

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