Pompei, Italy

In Carnival, Carnival Cruise Line, Cruise on June 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm

I have seen a lot of things in the last few months. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen thus far is Pompei. From where we dock in Naples, it’s just a short jaunt to the train station. We got to know the route the commuting locals took, which winds through the cluttered, narrow city streets and eventually past an amazing open air market. I always get distracted by the fresh produce and must stop to buy some for the journey. If I lived in Naples, surely I would purchase fresh fish from the market for dinner every night! The train is, well, it has character. Around the office, we’ve nicknamed it the Ghetto Train, as it’s not nearly as comfortable as the Venice or Rome trains (these ones are also more expensive and are more long distance trains than commuter trains, but still, it’s a little ghetto). They are covered in graffiti, which I actually quite like, but it’s not for everyone. Regardless of the train’s amenities, it gets you where you need to go, and that’s really the whole point of a train, isn’t it? And it’s very economical, which we’re big fans of! This particular train that we are concerned with goes to Pompei and Sorrento (where I also was lucky enough to visit, and will discuss later). This day we went to Pompei to explore the legendary city. There is really something chilling about Pompei. I’ve heard about it for years but no one ever managed to convey the sheer magnitude of the demolished city. Being there and seeing the ruins of the city you can almost feel what those people must have felt only moments before they were buried in molten lava. With Mt. Vesuvius towering over us in the distance, we explored the city, stopping to marvel at the mummified bodies of the city’s last citizens. The meticulous detailing in the painted walls that still survive today demonstrate the vibrant life that these people clearly enjoyed. I will never ever forget the feeling of being in that amazing city!!

DSC00546 DSC00547 DSC00482 DSC00395 DSC00365 DSC00425

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