With a little Help

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2013 at 6:19 am

I love my job. However, Guest Services can be stressful. It is often a thankless job where everyone expects you to do/know everything AND keep a smile on your face for 12-15 hours a day. Some cruises are better than others. In every cruise there are people you remember forever, either because they are so horrible to you that you are scarred for life or because they are so wonderful that they renew your faith in humanity. This particular cruise, our first Baltic cruise, has been a roller coaster. It began on a full moon so we’ve been blaming that for some of the things we’ve seen this week. I have met some lovely people. However, I have also been screamed at in several languages (only two of which I can understand/respond in fluently), been threatened with lawsuits (because of a broken luggage handle no less), and been told that I am stupid (because British Air lost a suitcase). I’ve seen a guest repeatedly come to the desk with the sole intention of maliciously attempting to belittle a colleague of mine who has only been going above and beyond to assist this guest. However I just met the sweetest guest who told me some amazing stories and turned my cruise right around. This lovely lady is cruising with her best friend of many years. They have been friends for 30 plus years, their children grew up together, AND their husbands went to war together in Germany. Four years ago, sadly, both women lost their husbands. They’ve been vacationing together ever since. She told me how they supported each other through the mutual losses. She told me: “You know, Erica, you can only talk to your children a certain amount about how you feel. You never want to burden them because they just lost their father, and you need to retain a certain bit of strength for them. So we talked to each other. And we still do.” The profound loss of a life partner is devastating, and these women have found a wonderful way to help each other through it. She laughed as she told me how both of their husbands were over 6 feet tall and would surely never be comfortable in the cruise ship beds anyway. She told me stories from being stationed in Germany during the war, and what her husband would have thought of the two ladies cruising to Berlin after being long absent from Germany. We discussed the Berlin Wall and my impressions of it. The way she told her stories really made my experience in Berlin this week resonate all the more deeply. Sometimes people appear in your life when you really need it, and I think that this was one of those times. I really needed someone to remind me that people can be kind. On the same note, a woman this morning that I’ve been helping all week told me she would pray for me to always have a rainbow over my life because I’m so wonderful. So that also made me feel magical. I think the world would be a better place if everyone considered the impact they have on others before they spoke.

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