The Butterfly Effect

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2013 at 7:15 pm

I had a really lovely interaction at the desk the other day. We have a massive French group on board right now, and as there are only two of us in the office who speak French, I’ve come back from night shift to find I’m speaking mostly French. One group of frenchies approached the desk last night to ask about something and one of the ladies looked at my name tag and said, “oh, Erica!! You helped us with our friends last time.” I was a little confused as I had been on nights up until that shift and said that it couldn’t possibly have been me. No, she was certain it was me, I had been very helpful. (Always good to hear, even if I can’t remember). I asked her when exactly when it was, being very disappointed that my short term memory appeared to be failing me…..turns out they cruised with me on the Liberty last year and were so happy with my assistance that they remembered me! In a job that can often be thankless, it’s so amazing to hear that something I considered to be a small thing was such a big thing to someone else. It’s these types of interactions that remind me to try and make every interaction a positive one, as you never know how large an effect you might be having on someone else.

  1. Erica
    This is Lu & Garry, and we were your “favourite guest” on the cruise from Vince to Barcelona in May. Hope you still remember us:) We are finally back to Sydney and completed our 4 months adventure around world. I can’t agree with you more about how much effect you might have on someone with your help or even just a simple smile.
    You are helpful and genuine, that’s not something you can act, but from bottom of your heart…
    We miss you even though we didn’t have enough time and opportunity to get to know you more on the cruise. But we are looking forward to catching up with you when you come to Sydney next year…

    • Hi Lu and Garry!!! I do indeed remember you, you guys are so fabulous!! I’m so glad you made it home safe, I’m so thrilled that you remember me and took the time to write! Please stay in touch and I will keep you updated on whether I’ll be on a ship in your area anytime soon!!

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