View from the Top

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2013 at 11:03 am

WELL…here’s some news. This is our last Baltic cruise!! I can barely believe how fast time has flown. Our next cruise takes us to Norway (of course I’m hoping to go on an excursion to the fijords) and then the cruise after that is our UK Isles cruise and then the transatlantic back, via Greenland, Iceland, and St. John’s Newfoundland, ending us back in the US, in the big apple, New York! Now that we are on our last Baltic cruise, we are all realizing that there are things we haven’t done yet that we really want to do and are scrambling to fit it all in, plus get our work done. (It’s a fine balance, isn’t it?) With that being said, I’m sure you remember the post about the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, yes? If not , here’s a quick recap….we sail under the bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden.
Tonight is our last pass under the bridge. I always seem to be working for this part of the cruise, and the one other time I was outside to see it, I was on deck 4 forward (the crew only area). It was an impressive sight, the ship passing under the bridge, but more impressive was that I could hear all the guests on the higher decks gasp and clap as we passed under the bridge. Apparently it looks really close from up there. So tonight I was working at the desk and took a quick break to run up to deck 11, right by the funnel (you know, the Carnival funnel, the whale tail, that red and blue thingie on the top of the ship) and watch us pass under. It was truly something else. As you watch the bridge coming towards you, it legitimately looks as though you won’t make it. The funnel can’t possibly fit under there, it’s too close! But it does, and through we went, and the guests gasped and clapped and I was so thrilled to be there. Just another completely magical moment, brought to you by my life, every day is a new amazing adventure, or a different way of looking at an old one.


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