Helsinki, Porvoo and Steam Train

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2013 at 11:14 am

I took some of this blog post from my tour report for Shore Excursions, why not, right? I already wrote it! This tour was in Helsinki, and it was such an amazing experience, I love going to little tow in other countries and exploring!!

* I love trains, this one was so awesome and old, you could really feel the history all around you!
* The food at the manor was delicious, and allergen free!!
* The grounds of the manor were also beautiful and I liked that we had time to explore them
* Rock church = COOL. More people ought to build things into rocks.
* Guide = fabulous.

I loved this tour. The guide was so sweet and kept our tour interesting with loads of tidbits about Helsinki. We stopped first at the town square, which I’d been to before so I just used the free wifi from Town Hall, great stuff. After a driving tour of Helsinki we went to Hinthaara and got on our steam train which was super awesome and I totally loved. The Finnish landscape is absolutely stunning, rolling green hills and pretty farm houses. Porvoo itself is darling. The old town is so beautiful, and there were all kinds of merchants on the streets selling handcrafted goods. Of course we stopped at the candy shop (I got Cheryl, our chief accountant, some new candy for her office, just so everyone knows) and did some more wandering around. I enjoyed an espresso at a café before heading up the hill to the church, which was also very pretty.

Haikko Manor is breathtaking, so beautiful and the staff were lovely. We had everything we could have wanted and the food was delicious (and not full of gluteny death…yay!). I met some lovely British guests and after lunch I wandered around the manor before it was time to get back on the bus.

I was also very excited to get to the rock church, as it was one of the things on my list to see, it’s absolutely beautiful, unlike anything I’ve ever seen! the guy that decided to build a church in the middle of rocks is a genius!! If you’ve never heard of it, I suggest you google it!!






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