First Impressions of Ireland

In Uncategorized on September 17, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Today we arrived in Dublin, Ireland. I had planned to get up early and head into the city, catch a HoHo and tour around. However I accidentally ate some wheat the other day and have been sick for almost 5 days now. So I slept in until I felt human then ventured ashore. From the pier it’s 4km to the city center, but there is a lovely little tram that takes you there for a few euros. So I tried to purchase a ticket. Now if you could see my change purse, you would be most confused. I have pounds, euros, kroner (both Danish and Finnish) and even a few American coins in there. Such a mishmash!! So I scrambled for some euros, and found myself 20 cents short. A fellow behind me (seeming irritated) pushed me aside and put the last 20p in for me, instructing me to put my next 20p coin in the first charity box I came across, and then we would both have done a good deed for the day. Thanking him profusely, I took a seat on the tram. The generous fellow took a seat across from me and struck up a conversation. He turned out to be an eccentric history professor who was quite happy to tell me all kinds of things about Dublin, the upcoming election, and his life, all while quoting Karl Marx and Oscar Wilde. A most entertaining start to my day!! Every Irish person I have encountered today has been friendly and kind. Plus I just love their accents!!! Ireland, I like you.

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