New York State of Mind

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Our amazingly fantastic transatlantic voyage ended with a call into the Big Apple!! NEW YORK!! I worked in the morning and had time to take a quick jaunt out into the city. I was not at all prepared for the culture shock. I’ve been to New York before, but this time, after a 15 day voyage, 8 serene sea days, and ports of call who’s populations were doubled while we were in port, it was just a little bit terrifying. Times Square is flashy, so much neon. I’ve never been as overwhelmed by a city as I was when I walked off the ship in Manhatten. In Quaqortoq, our ship carried more passengers than live in the town, in New York, that many people live in one skyscraper! I walked up to Times Square and all of my sense were assaulted, it literally took me a solid half an hour to adjust. That’s never happened to me before, it was a very strange experience!

It was quite a big day for us in general. Partially because the ship has been out of the US for almost 7 months, our first US port was a big deal. For one thing, 150 crew members signed off so we had to say goodbye to our friends and colleagues and get ready to welcome a batch of new people to our Legend family. Also, since the ship has been out of the US for so long, EVERYONE and their dog wanted to come aboard and make sure everything was up to their standards. USPH, US Coastguard, CPB, you get the picture. All the crew members also had to go through full immigration to get our permits for working aboard (I-95’s, a very important, very tiny piece of paper that is also very expensive if you happen to lose it). Not to mention that we had to get the 2,200 guests and all their luggage from a 15 day voyage off the ship and a whole new set on the ship. PHEW!! After a long and intense day, I looked at my pictures from the the early morning, sailing into New York with all the buildings outlined in lights and Lady Liberty standing tall and serene and realized for the hundredth time that I’ve been on an extraordinary journey.



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