Turn it Up!!

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2014 at 1:45 am

I very rarely blog about technology….actually I don’t think I’ve EVER blogged about technology but this is a special case. So here I go, blogging about technology. There’s quite a lot of instances where travel and technology come together, sometimes they clash, but sometimes it is a beautiful thing. Myself, I’m a music junkie, I love to be surrounded by music and think life is better with a soundtrack. So naturally, I like to bring the music with me wherever I go. I have had numerous speakers in my life, most of which I have broken, particularly when traveling because I tend to sit/sleep/stand on my luggage with wanton disregard towards the possessions within the luggage. Last year when I was in California, on a whim, I bought this neato little cordless speaker guy that kinda looks like a orange grenade but is way better because it only blows your mind with awesome sound.

I didn’t really anticipate this speaker to A) be very loud or B) last longer than that vacation because it was quite inexpensive and I’m a notorious speaker breaker. Low and behold, I got that speaker back to my hotel room and it played not only loudly, but clearly as well. I would also like to point out that it is now May of 2014, I purchased that speaker in October of 2013. That little orange ruffian has been through a vacation, a ship contract and now another vacation and has yet to be destroyed. (I probably shouldn’t jinx myself, or it might break before vacation is over!!) it’s practically indestructible!! It charges from a USB connection, lasts for ages, and somehow has survived the life of Erica. I didn’t know who made this little guy until I closely examined him this morning, looks like Phillips does. All I can say is brava little guy, turn up the music and keep it loud!! Everyone who likes to take their music worldwide could do with one of them in their suitcase!!


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