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In bermuda, caves, swimming, travelling on August 3, 2011 at 1:42 pm
We had SO much fun today!! We took off on scooters across the island to explore some caves! There’s several different cave systems in Bermuda and one of them is touristy and they run tours through it and it costs money, and the other one is not well known and free and you can swim in the water in it!! In the caves you pay for, you don’t get to swim, you just walk through them. So we explored some caves. They were pretty amazing. And a little creepy. I definitely felt as though we were in the beginning of a horror movie a few times. Im in love with bermuda. It’s so lovely here. I never want to leave!! I’m still not used to driving on the opposite side of the road, and the scooters make things much more interesting!!   
I also forgot to mention that we had a lovely lovely breakfast with the crew before the other two had to leave (by the way, their plane got struck by lightning and they got stuck in Bermuda, something we are hoping doesn’t happen to us!!) and this was our lovely breakfast dining room!!! Pretty!!

Island Time

In bermuda, travelling on August 3, 2011 at 1:39 pm
Last night we had a phenomenal dinner at the fairmont, it was amazing!! I took some stunning
photos of the property. We had a gorgeous table on the patio! The sunset was unbelievable!! Day one in Bermuda was amazing!! There’s this thing called the ‘Non-mariners Race’ and people build boat like floatation devices and see who’s boat goes the furthest with the most people still on it! And the rule is if you fall off you aren’t allowed to get back on so competitors will jump to other people’s boats and try to push them off and stuff. We didn’t actually see the race but it sounded really cool. We got some inflatable boats and chairs and stuff and tied them all together and floated around in the cove. It’s really cool because there’s like 150 or more boats in the cove, all there to float around and watch the race. People tie their boats together and go onto other peoples boats, or will jump off their boats and swim to other people’s boats. It’s pretty neat. So we spent the day pirating around the water, we visited other people’s boats, and then we found our own private island!! We explored the island, had some nap time in the sun, and were beach bums in the Bermuda triangle all day long!! It was just lovely!! Tomorrow we get to go see some caves!! Exciting!!  


In adventure, beach, bermuda, travelling on July 30, 2011 at 6:28 pm
So Derrek and I made it to Bermuda safe and sound! We landed last night around 8:30 and got a cab with a fabulous driver in a giant taxi van who drive fast around tiny roads with hairpin turns!! And on the opposite side of the road from what we’re used to! We got to my friend Katie’s house and there was a lovely little note waiting for us as she was still at work. Shes been working at the Fairmont here and living in the staff housing so as you can imagine I was very interested in seeing both the housing and the hotel!! The housing is fabulous!! Small but adorable and she lives by herself which is more than I can say for all staff housing I’ve lived in! So we walked down to the Swizzle Inn by her place and had some dinner and that’s where she met us! Katie is one of those amazing friends that no matter how long you haven’t seen eachother, it still feels like you’ve been together the whole time! So we had a great time catching up! Then this morning I went with her to work and took her scooter back with me. First of all, scootering takes a bit of getting used to! Second of all driving on the other side of the street takes some getting used to!!! But I managed, I did scrape my toe, but other than that I survived!! And Derrek was a fabulous passenger!! Katie has so many exciting things planned for us!! Tonight we’re going for dinner at the Fairmont because she gets 50% off! Then tomorrow we go on a boat to explore!!! I’m excited. We want to find the lost city of Atlantis, which we feel certain is located in the Bermuda triangle somewhere. More later!! And photos too!!  

Bye bye orlando!!

In bermuda, flying, orlando, travel on July 29, 2011 at 8:31 pm
So, we are sitting in the Miami International Airport waiting to head to Bermuda. It’s wierd to leave Orlando. I don’t really feel like I’ve left for real. I still feel like I’m on vacation and will come back to the lodge soon. I had everyone write in a little book for me before I left and I read what people wrote on our flight here, it’s overwhelming the nice things that people had to say. I really feel lucky to have made such amazing friends. So here are some photos from the airport while we wait!!