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City on Fire

In Disney College Program, Vancouver Riots on June 19, 2011 at 3:01 am
I’ve never been as disappointed in Canada as I was this week. The riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup were devastating. It’s been really tough being over here this week. Not only worrying about friends in Vancouver, but also dealing with the reactions of the Americans. I spend a majority of my time here dealing with prejudice and ignorance towards Canada. I have spent so much time explaining to my coworkers and guests how beautiful Canada is, how it’s not all covered in snow, how we do have cities and culture and how amazing Canadians are. And then something like this happens. I’m so sad about the whole thing. Although to our credit, it looks like we are pulling it together. There has been so many people banding together with a ‘love our city’ attitude. Which is really nice to see. It’s amazing how passionate people are about sports. I see it all the time here with college sports. In Florida, the Gators sports teams are like gods. For us, it’s hockey. At the end of the day, I’d rather live in a society that is passionate, even if sometimes that passion isn’t properly channeled. All my love to everyone at home, and I hope that no one I know was part of the destruction!


In Bahamas, Disney College Program, friends, Norwegian Cruise Line, travel on June 13, 2011 at 7:06 am

It is very late and I’ve just finished some homework and I’m about to drift off to sleep, but I did want to share with you a photo of us on our cruise ship because I know you’ve been dying to see one! What, you haven’t? Too bad, you’re seeing it anyway!

Aren’t we precious!! So much fun!

Disney Guests

In concierge, Disney, Disney College Program, friends on June 7, 2011 at 2:27 am
I think I might have forgotten to mention the super amazing guests we had last week. They were wonderful! They were here for a week and I met them the very first day they were here.

Background info you need to know: in the concierge lounge we have little windows that we can open that allow us to change the buffet food from within the kitchen. Everytime I open them I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her opening song when she opens the shutters and sings.

Anyhow. I first met this family because I was cleaning up the lounge and singing quietly. Of course it was a Disney song. Well the little girl (11 years old) heard me and joined in. So We sang the rest of the song together and were pretty much best friends after that. So I told the whole family about how I feel like Belle sometimes. So every day after that, they would come in for dinner time snacks and knock on the little doors and I would open them and sing Belle’s song to them. And the girls would song along. I saw them probably twice a day while they were here and got to really chat with them and make friends. The funniest thing happened when the girls knocked on the window when I wasn’t there and To the cast member that opened it, said ‘bonjour!’. My co-worker was so confused. Too funny. I had a blast with that family!! The things that happen at Disney are really amazing!!


In adventure, Cruise, Disney College Program, travel on June 6, 2011 at 4:53 pm
So it’s day 2 of our Norwegian Cruise experience. I’m still loving it! This experience is solidifying my desire to work a term on a cruise line. We had so much fun at the White Party last night. There was dancing and ice sculptures and I think I’d be an excellent activities director!!! Id also just like to mention how fabulous the gym facilities are. All the cardio equipment have tv’s on them (I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night while bicycling) and massive windows so you can see the ocean. There’s also a driving range, ping pong tables and a basketball court. In fact I’m going to go practice my golf swing right now!!
Moral of the story is that I don’t want to get off this boat!! We were on the island of Nassau today, it was amazing! So beautiful. There’s an amazing resort there called Atlantis that we wandered through, GORGEOUS!! I love the world, there’s so many amazing things to see!!
Our ship!! 

Great Stirrup Cay

In Bahamas, Disney College Program, travel, vacation on June 6, 2011 at 2:22 pm
So night 1 on the cruise has passed. We made it to Miami with great success its so nice to be out of orlando. A few days off will be lovely. Our ship is massive!! It’s so crazy how many decks and people and activities are inboard. Night 1 was lovely. There was a sail away party on deck 11, with DJ’s and dancing and whatnot. We hangout on some deck chairs and suntanned and enjoyed the beginning of our mini vacation. This is my first cruise. Everyone always talks about the food but you really don’t understand until you are here. There is so much food everywhere all the time!! And really good food too!! There’s fresh fruit and veggies everywhere!! It’s amazing and so nice to have that kind of stuff for once. Today we took a boat to Great Stirrup Cay! Its NCL’s private island and it’s lovely. The girls got some snorkel gear and went snorkeling. I swam along with them but didn’t get snorkel stuff. I also fell asleep with my hand on my stomach in the sun and have a hand tan print on my tummy. Seriously. Epic fail. They had a massive BBQ on the island for us for lunch, again, so delicious! I’m currently back on the little boat headed back to the ship so I can go to the gym. There’s absolutely no cell service here, which is a fabulous idea but I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to post this. No worries, I’m on vacation. The water here is amazing, so blue and warm. I spent a majority of my day just swimming around. I love water, I could swim forever. Tonight we want to play bingo and go to a dance party they are putting on. Should be fun.Paradise!! 

Road Trip!!

In Cruise, Disney College Program, Miami on June 3, 2011 at 2:12 pm
So I’m headed off on a cruise with 3 of the South African savanna guides! Very exciting! It’s a Norweigan cruise line ship for 3 nights to the Bahamas!! One of the other girls is driving and the first question she asked was ‘what side of the road am I driving on again?’. But so far so good! Stay tuned for photos!! 

New friends

In Concierge Lounge, Disney College Program on May 30, 2011 at 12:29 am
We got a new ice bucket in the concierge lounge yesterday. He’s much cuter and appropriately themed to the resort than the old one. True to form, I named said ice bucket. Herbert. Herbert the ice bucket. My manager made a sign to introduce Herbert to the rest of the cast. I love that noone here says I’m crazy for naming things. I name everything. Anyhow, check out the sign! 

True Story

In clocks, Disney College Program, fun, random on May 30, 2011 at 12:07 am
You know you work for Disney when you put a wall clock in a corner on a time out to think about what it’s done, and no one thinks that’s wierd. I legitimately scolded a clock for falling off the wall onto my head today. Never a dull moment!!The bad clock! 


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So Disney has a very good reputation for being really accommodating of people with food allergies. We hear that a lot and we tell guests that a lot but until you see it for yourself you don’t actually realize how good we really are. My food allergies consist of lactose intolerance but I never really need to worry because it’s pretty easy to find things without dairy in them. While Tanille and Tammy were here, it was a different story. They are both celiacs (no gluten allowed) so we weren’t really sure how it was going to go when we tried to eat in the parks. Turns out the rumors are true. Everywhere we went, as soon as we said ‘food allergy’, the cast member would call either a manager or a chef who would discuss the options with us and then make sure that the food was prepared correctly. It was amazing. If we were in a sit-down table service restaurant, the chef came out and talked to us and would come out later again to make sure we didn’t have any problems. If it was a quick service location, the manager would come out and chat with us. Everywhere had amazing options, like actual whole meals, not just salads or burgers without buns. It was a nice treat for the celiac ladies because it’s very difficult to get delicious gluten free meals. I also was THRILLED to discover that most Disney World restaurants have Tofutti and Soy ice cream so I was able to have a fantastic soy ice cream sundae!! AMAZING!! So now when I advise my guests, I know I’m correct!! I have some photos. Some are from the Expedition Everest Race and some are from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Resort. I was back there this week because I’m picking up another shift there tomorrow! Let’s see them, shall we!!

This cool Everest wall has our signatures on it!

We found some more Canadians who were racing in Expedition Everest too!! Obviously we needed a photo!

The race afterparty included visits from some VERY special friends!

The dock at the Yacht and Beach Club

The Yacht Club as seen from the dock (you can take a boat to Hollywood Studios or Epcot)

The Yacht and Beach Club has one of the most exclusive pools on Disney property. You can’t swim in it unless you are staying there!

The Beach Club has a restaurant called ‘Beaches and Cream’…they are very well known for their desserts as well at the decor, fabulously themed (as per usual with Disney), including these fabulous ice cream tables!

Gorgeous globe that actually spins in the lobby of the Yacht Club