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Beyond the Mouse

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In my personal experience, the more you visit a place, the more new things you tend to discover. At least if you possess an adventurous soul you do. Of course there are lots of people who go places and do the same thing every time, and that’s just fine, but it’s not my style. I like to explore. As I am currently on vacation and spending time with some friends in Orlando, we have been making the usual theme park rounds, but we’ve also been on a few random adventures. Today we drove to Winter Garden and rented bicycles, determined to discover places we’d never been.

First of all, Winter Garden itself is delightful and I want to live there. Its a beautiful sleepy town with ambiance music and fountains and benches!! Something about it feels charming and welcoming. If a town could embrace you, Winter Garden is like a warm hug from an old friend. i did not want to leave.

Winter Garden is a haven for triathletes, cyclists, and athletes of all kinds and the bike shop we went to was staffed by some very lovely people who made us feel right at home. Our bicycle adventure took us around the West Orange Trail which runs partially alongside Lake Apopka and reminded me of the Galloping Goose Trail at home in Victoria B.C. I got to see the lake, gazebos, country fields, trees, and random animals. As much as I adore all of Florida’s many theme parks and attractions, I am very excited to have explored a whole different slice of what the sunshine state has to offer. The moral of today’s story is: STAY ADVENTUROUS my friends!!





Back in Florida!

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Well as you know, I’m back in Florida! It’s been a wonderful week and I’m so happy to be back in my American home! I started off the week with some lovely friends of mine, we went all over the place! We even went to the town hall at Magic Kingdom and got ‘I’m celebrating’ badges and wrote ‘Erica’ on them and told everyone it was Erica Day. It was lovely!!

We also went to the Disney Art of Animation hotel. I posted about DAAR the last time I was in Florida, I saw it when only a few sections of the resort had opened. Now even more have opened! There’s the Lion King section, and the Cars section and they are both SO cool! It’s like you’re actually in the movie! Before they opened the Cars section they actually had Pixar animators come through to make sure that everything looked right. Those imagineers really know what they’re doing.

I’ve spent the week spending time with some very lovely friends of mine and have had such a lovely time. I’ve had amazing reunions with some people I worked with on my Disney College Program that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve been relaxing, lounging by the pool, going to the gym, then back to the pool, eating amazing food, and roaming the Disney parks. It’s really the perfect way to transition to my amazing new job. On Tuesday I take the train up to Miami and then Wednesday morning I’m off to my new job! I don’t really know what to expect, all I’ve been told is that I get on a bus or a shuttle of some kind and it takes me to the port where I get on my ship! My lovely friend Andrea has told me kind of what to expect but I still don’t really know. I’m excited! And a little apprehensive. I’m about to go live on a boat! Oooooo as soon as I typed it I stopped being apprehensive and started being excited again.

Although I’m not going to lie, I could get used to living this life of leisure.





The tower in Hollywood studios!


Hyena from the DAAR Lion King section


It might only be august, but the Halloween decorations are up in the Magic Kingdom!!


SCAR!!! My favorite!! I do love the villians!!


More Cars, this is one of the hotel entrances I believe



Lion King section of DAAR


Myself and Lauren, we both worked concierge at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and now we’re reunited again!!


Pumbah and Timon

Art Of Animation

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I just came back from a wonderful, wonderful vacation in Florida and had a chance to look at Disney’s brand new resort, Art of Animation!! You may recall that I posted a video about the resort and how it was getting ready to open. Well the first phases of opening have begun, and it is glorious!! Just a short jaunt (across a lovely bridge over the Hourglass Lake) away from the Pop Century resort, Art of Animation is so lovely. The first section of the building that has opened is the Finding Nemo section and it’s really neat because it’s designed as though you are Nimo! So it’s pretty much like a giant fish tank!! The other sections of the resort are Lion King, Little Mermaid, and Cars themed. Each of them are sized around a specific character, in the Lion King you see from Simba’s point of view, in Cars you’re Lightning McQueen, and in Little Mermaid you are Sebastien!! By the next time I return to Orlando, the whole resort will be open!! I’m so happy I got to see the resort while I was there, it’s a shining example of how amazing the Imagineers are and what fantastic work they do!


Look it’s a really big Crush!!

Goofy Shuffle

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I can’t remember if I shared this before, but I watched this video the other day and it really took me back to Orlando and the Disney College Program and I decided to post it (possibly for the second time)! So I’m not sure if you’ve ever considered exactly what goes on at a Disney College Program graduation ceremony, but if you guessed characters in caps and gowns, you would be correct! They also dance. I took this video on our graduation day! I love having memories like this to look back on, my Disney experience is something I will remember forever!!

Art of Animation

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So something that I love about Disney is how they are so inventive and constantly changing. There were many exciting changes happening at Walt Disney World when I left last fall and one of them is rapidly coming to completion. A NEW RESORT!!! It’s very exciting because they haven’t opened a new resort since Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge (where I worked), in the 90’s. The new resort, called “Art of Animation”, showcases varying stages of Disney art in the hallways, colorful fountains in the pool, and is coming along quite nicely, as you can see here in this video!!


I can’t wait to see it when I’m back visiting Orlando at the end of May!!


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Well good morning!! Last week was an exciting week for me, Camosun College had a recognition ceremony for myself and the other student who recieved recognition from the Canadian Co-op associations. To check out the photos, look at the college’s Flickr stream here! It’s so amazing to be recognized for the hard work that I put in. It’s also a little bit overwhelming! I’m not great with lots of attention and I always feel awkward in these kinds of situations, but I managed to not look too foolish and had a lovely time at the ceremony. My amazing family was there to support me and that was helpful also. On friday I’ve been asked to come to a class at the college and answer some questions about the program and the whole experience. I’m so happy that other students are interested in this experience as well, I hope I can be a helpful resource for them. Have a great week everyone!


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There’s something I totally forgot to mention before. One of our engineers took me up on the roof the other day and it was so high up that we could see the fireworks from all three other parks, MK, Hollywood Studios, and epcot. It was amazing!!! Such a phenomenal view. I took a picture of the lodge so I could show you the ladder we went up to get to the top of the lodge!!
So if you look to the immediate right of the peak thingy you can see the ladder that we climbed up!’ I was waaaaay up there!!!! 

Disney Guests

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I think I might have forgotten to mention the super amazing guests we had last week. They were wonderful! They were here for a week and I met them the very first day they were here.

Background info you need to know: in the concierge lounge we have little windows that we can open that allow us to change the buffet food from within the kitchen. Everytime I open them I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her opening song when she opens the shutters and sings.

Anyhow. I first met this family because I was cleaning up the lounge and singing quietly. Of course it was a Disney song. Well the little girl (11 years old) heard me and joined in. So We sang the rest of the song together and were pretty much best friends after that. So I told the whole family about how I feel like Belle sometimes. So every day after that, they would come in for dinner time snacks and knock on the little doors and I would open them and sing Belle’s song to them. And the girls would song along. I saw them probably twice a day while they were here and got to really chat with them and make friends. The funniest thing happened when the girls knocked on the window when I wasn’t there and To the cast member that opened it, said ‘bonjour!’. My co-worker was so confused. Too funny. I had a blast with that family!! The things that happen at Disney are really amazing!!


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So Disney has a very good reputation for being really accommodating of people with food allergies. We hear that a lot and we tell guests that a lot but until you see it for yourself you don’t actually realize how good we really are. My food allergies consist of lactose intolerance but I never really need to worry because it’s pretty easy to find things without dairy in them. While Tanille and Tammy were here, it was a different story. They are both celiacs (no gluten allowed) so we weren’t really sure how it was going to go when we tried to eat in the parks. Turns out the rumors are true. Everywhere we went, as soon as we said ‘food allergy’, the cast member would call either a manager or a chef who would discuss the options with us and then make sure that the food was prepared correctly. It was amazing. If we were in a sit-down table service restaurant, the chef came out and talked to us and would come out later again to make sure we didn’t have any problems. If it was a quick service location, the manager would come out and chat with us. Everywhere had amazing options, like actual whole meals, not just salads or burgers without buns. It was a nice treat for the celiac ladies because it’s very difficult to get delicious gluten free meals. I also was THRILLED to discover that most Disney World restaurants have Tofutti and Soy ice cream so I was able to have a fantastic soy ice cream sundae!! AMAZING!! So now when I advise my guests, I know I’m correct!! I have some photos. Some are from the Expedition Everest Race and some are from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Resort. I was back there this week because I’m picking up another shift there tomorrow! Let’s see them, shall we!!

This cool Everest wall has our signatures on it!

We found some more Canadians who were racing in Expedition Everest too!! Obviously we needed a photo!

The race afterparty included visits from some VERY special friends!

The dock at the Yacht and Beach Club

The Yacht Club as seen from the dock (you can take a boat to Hollywood Studios or Epcot)

The Yacht and Beach Club has one of the most exclusive pools on Disney property. You can’t swim in it unless you are staying there!

The Beach Club has a restaurant called ‘Beaches and Cream’…they are very well known for their desserts as well at the decor, fabulously themed (as per usual with Disney), including these fabulous ice cream tables!

Gorgeous globe that actually spins in the lobby of the Yacht Club