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In Suspense

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I am in the middle of my last training cruise. It feels like I’ve been here forever and my college friends are my family. But we have to say goodbye in just a few short days! Usually the training colleges are a month long, ours is only two weeks so there’s a lot of information condensed into half the time they usually take. But we’re managing!! We have a big test tomorrow and then the next day we find out what ships we will be assigned to. It’s very suspenseful because our trainers know what ships we are going to already but can’t tell us yet. So we don’t know where we are going until the final day of college right before we leave. This cruise is stressful but also a lot of fun. Last night was our formal night! We got to get dressed up in our own formal clothes and go for dinner in the guest dining room and then out to watch the new show in the Blue Sapphire Lounge (a big stage/theatre that takes up two levels), which is a treat because we will never get to wear our own clothes there ever again. When we get on our new ship and we have our formal night uniforms (‘blues’) we will be allowed to see the shows and use the guest dining room, but we have to be wearing our blues. It was a lovely night for us and I took pictures which I will post another time. When we get to Port Canaveral this time, the coastguard is going to board and check the ship’s safety procedures and the crew knowledge. They’ve been briefing us all week about what questions they will ask and what we need to know, however we will be disembarking and heading to our new ships by then so we won’t have to worry about that this time. Next ship I imagine we will though because there always seems to be someone on board grilling us about lifeboats and safety drills. Today we don’t have any observations or desk work, just our final classes and then study time!! Tomorrow we will have our test first thing in the morning and then I don’t work until 4pm so a few of the others and I will get off the ship and enjoy Half Moon Cay (an island owned by the Carnival Corporation). Then graduation and new ships!! Depending on what ship I get assigned to, I may have a few days in Miami, or Cocoa Beach or even get flown to a different port of call. We have home ports everywhere, so I will not necessarily be embarking from Port Canaveral. So many questions, and no answers for two more days. I’m focusing on the test right now and not thinking about saying goodbye to my new family. Although it won’t be goodbye, it will be see you later, because the whole company is very much a family and I will stay in touch with my college friends. AND there’s a whole new ship of people waiting to be my new friends!! Study time! More soon!


Photo Bomb

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Remember how I promised to post photos?? Well I’m currently in Nassau, with several hours to kill before we leave port and I don’t work until 6, so my Russian friends and I are in the only bar in Nassau that has blazingly fast internet. So without further ado, here are some photos to help illustrate all the things I’ve been telling you about!!

My home for the time being!! The Carnival Ecstasy!

The Disney Dream, we were docked next to it in Nassau

My lovely roommate, Alfiya

That’s me!! In Nassau

Our teeny tiny bathroom!!

The door to our cabin, and our dresser, as seen from my top bunk perch!

The view of our room from the cabin door!

My floating home!!

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Sunset through a storm cloud

My Carnival College trainers!! Jennifer on the left and Linda on the right

My fellow college trainees!!

The New Email Diaries

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So, I have some more emails that I’ve sent to myself lately and I thought you might enjoy reading them:

June 26th:

Today is a magical day! I got to train a new cast member on the desk this morning! It was kind of by accident, his original trainer called out so I got called in and got to train. I loved it!! So much fun!!! I wish they’d put me on training more often but because I jsut got trained up on the club desk I’ll be up there most often I think. However today I got to train, which not only is a lot of fun, it also means I get paid more per hour, which I can’t argue with at all!!  I managed to sneak in a workout at our lodge gym on my first break, my second break will be reserved for homework. So now I’m up on the club desk, listening to a guest tell us some fun stories. We also have some very important people in the lodge right now, staying on club level! I’m not at liberty to discuss details, unfortunately, sorry!

I just had the best chat with a guest. He’s the CEO of Disney English, which runs schools that teach English in Asia. He’s going to put me in touch with his hiring team in New York. I would LOVE to relocate to Shanghai! How amazing would that be?! It’s unreal how many connections this job offers. I’m so thrilled just to even talk to this man and he spent the last hour at my desk!! Granted I was making dinner reservations for him and his family, but still, that’s special interacting time where I can show him that I am perfect for his company!!

June 27th
I had such a nice surprise this morning. I came into work at 8:30am and said hi to everyone and prepared myself for my day and one of the bellmen stopped me and asked if he could talk to me. I’ve only really ever talked to him a few times, and only just saying hi in the halloways. He totally made my day! He said; ‘I just love seeing you because you always have such a good energy, you always smile and wave and when I’m having a sad day, seeing you cheers me up.’ SWEETEST THING EVER!! It really goes to show that even when you don’t think people are watching, they are. People can be affected by your attitude and behavior without you even knowing!!

June 28th
I love the club desk. One of the funnest things that we get to do is make ammenity baskets for our guests. When they check into the club level, we know if they have any special things they’re celebrating and we make them gift bags! I love this part!! We give them cute little books made out of elephant poop, we have little beaded keychains, chocolate shaped like animals, etc! And for guests in suites they get big baskets full of goodies. Then we get to run around the resort, putting the gifts in the rooms along with welcome letters before the guests have arrived. I’m like the easter bunny, but in burgundy!! We also really get to know people up here. I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but you really do!!. They sit at the desk for hours planning their vacations with us and having us look for reservations, and you really get personally involved with them. They come back and tell you how much they liked the restaurant you recommended, or how fun a certain show was. I think everyday I have a story to tell about my club guests and it always starts with, ‘oh my gosh, my favorite guest……..’ and then ‘my other favorite guest’ and so on.