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You Might Be a Backpacker

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2014 at 11:41 pm

In all of our adventures both recently and in the past, some events stuck out in our minds as classic traveler situations. Mostly hilarious, sometimes annoying, backpacking is quite the way to travel. So we came up with a bit of a list….if any of these sounds like you, you might be a backpacker……

– you have been stuck at a truck stop in a foreign country with no idea when or if your transportation is coming

– you have chosen not to use the restroom rather than try to stuff both yourself and your backpack inside

– you have not known what time it is for an extended period of time, not because you don’t have a watch but because you actually have no idea what time zone you’re in

– you have had spirited debates with your travelling companions about what time it is and have to eventually ask google to find out what time zone you are in.

– you have accidentally knocked someone over on the subway/metro with your giant backpack. (Bonus points if you managed not to laugh…I laughed, it was horrible)

– you wake up in the morning and it takes you at least five minutes to remember what country you are in

– you have legitimately been unable to fit your entire traveling party plus backpacks into the elevator

– you have wet wipes in every single pocket of your backpack

– you have washed your clothes and worn them again the next day rather than unpack your perfect Tetris packing job

– you have lost a member of your traveling party in a train or bus and just have to hope they understood your frantic hand signals explaining where to meet you

– you have sat in a pile of your belongings and sadness trying to figure out how to get them all back in to a backpack that suddenly appears much smaller than it was

– you have taken up more than your fair share of public transportation seats rather than unbuckle yourself from your backpack

– you have thrown away clothing to make room for souvenirs/alcohol

– you have thrown away clothing because you’re just tired of carrying it

– you have two sets of tan lines, tank top lines and back pack lines

– you have set up camp in a coffee shop for more than two hours in between flights, shoes off, devices plugged in, using ALL the wifi, shamelessly nursing a coffee for as long as possible.

Do you have any to add???