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Dry Dock is Coming

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2014 at 11:19 am

Well, life is pretty brilliant here on the Carnival Pride! I love the comedy club here, and managing it is my favorite thing ever. The Pride sails out of Baltimore currently and the guests that we get here are so lovely. It’s so interesting to me how the feel of a ship can be totally different depending on the home port. Of course, every crowd is wonderful in different ways. The Pride is a bit of a fixture in Baltimore. It’s like a part of the inner harbour city scape except that unlike a skyscraper, it leaves during the week and comes back every Sunday. We have some guests who cruise every year and have been doing so for a long time. They really love this ship. When Carnival announced that the Pride would be going to Tampa for the winter, it was actually on the news in Baltimore. I’ve had guests come up to me, distraught, thinking we were going away for good! Don’t worry, Baltimore, we will be back in the spring, promise!!!

We are headed into dry dock on October 19th. Let me back up and explain dry dock. So after we debark all our guests on the 19th, we bring on a bunch of technicians and equipment and whatnot and we head to Freeport, Bahamas, for a MASSIVE renovation that will take several weeks and a whole lot of manpower. They will actually lift the ship up out of the water so that technicians can access all areas of the ship. They will keep onboard only enough regular team members to take care of each department, everyone else will either be transferred or go on vacation. It’s a massive undertaking and every week as we get closer, more and more things start to happen. More technicians start to sign on every week, and things are starting to get worked on. As we get closer I’ll keep you updated and will also talk about the new spaces we’re getting. Generally, all ships go into a standard dry dock every 3 years or so just for regular maintenance. The dry dock that we are getting is a lot more extensive than that, we are getting a whole lot of new spaces, new shows and I’m super excited to see the transformation.

As we prepare for dry dock, it’s almost like winter in Game of Thrones. People keep saying ‘dry dock is coming’, and stocking up on their favorite snacks, or beverages. Then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are the crew members who will be transferred to other ships or go on vacation for the dry dock. Those crew members are buying new suitcases, packing, and saying farewell to friends. It will be strange indeed next Sunday when a bulk of my colleagues sign off and no guests get onboard. Sign offs are usually staggered, a few people here, a few people there. Not so in this case!!

Because there will be so much electrical and plumbing work being done, during dry dock, the air conditioning and water get shut off for most of the day. I’m kind of imagining it will be like camping on a cruise ship.

For those of us from entertainment who are staying onboard during dry dock (four of us) we will all have different jobs to do. We have a lot of preparation for the new run out of Tampa, trainings and assembly work for the new shows and the new 2.0 spaces. We also get to roam the ship with no guests onboard, which I think will be strange and exciting. I kind of know what to expect but at the same time have no idea. It will certainly be an adventure!!!

After our dry dock in Freeport, we will head to Tampa, Florida and do 7 day Caribbean cruises out of Tampa until March 2015, at which point we shall return to Baltimore, all new and shiny!

Carnival College

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We are very much in the middle of the ocean. We finished our day today at around 6:30pm. My bunkmate was very tired as she had been traveling for 30 hours before coming here, as were a few of the boys. We all ate dinner and then the boys went to the crew bar for a beer, my bunkmate went to our room, and I went to the gym. It’s harder to run on a treadmill on a cruise ship than one would think. Our orientation was great, they told us all the important things we need to know! Tomorrow we get our uniforms! Yay!! After the crazy Disney training I went through last year, the Carnival look will be easy. They even let you wear bracelets as long as they aren’t massive and dangly! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fairly strict, just not as strict as the land of The Mouse! The whole layout of the ship is pretty amazing. There’s a whole crew deck where most of us live (the really high up officers live on a higher deck) and have our own dining rooms (mess halls) and lounge etc. We even have our own cabin stewards!! So once a day someone cleans our cabin, takes any dirty uniforms to be cleaned, and replaces our towels, etc. We pay him $15 every pay period (every 2 weeks). Totally worth it in my opinion!!

Today we are docked in Nassau, Bahamas and we can find free wifi by the docks so my bunkmate and I are reveling in the free internet. Then we have more classes in the evening and a hospitality class. Carnival College is a lot of fun so far!! I’m going to try to do as much blogging as possible, but the internet is not great (and very expensive) on the ship, so I’m writing daily and then posting whenever I can!! Our uniforms are actually pretty cute, we look very sailor-y. I like them!! I won’t be able to post photos just yet, but I think that when we’re back in the US on saturday I’ll try to get some photos up of our cabin and the ship and our uniforms!!