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It’s a Celebration

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Well it’s my second holiday season on board a cruise ship and this year was exceptionally fun. The holidays can be tricky when you’re surrounded by so many cultures, both the crew and the guests. People can be so touchy about their religions and the way they celebrate, and when you spend all day with guests, you have to be careful not to offend anyone. Obviously we do the traditional December 25th celebrating, and we do fun things like a Christmas show with the dancers and other crew members. We also make it snow in the lobby, so much fun!! When I’m at home with my family, we celebrate both the standard December 25th holiday and Ukrainian Christmas, on January 7th. For me, the Ukrainian holiday is actually more meaningful. My grandpa was very connected to our Ukrainian heritage and always wanted us to learn more about it. To this day one of my only regrets in my life is that I never learned Ukrainian from him while he was still with us. The traditional Christmas is always so stressful, traveling to see family, battling traffic, etc, plus it’s so commercialized that sometimes it feels like it’s only about presents. On Ukrainian Christmas, my family gets together and has an amazing dinner with traditional Ukrainian food and there are so many fun traditions that we do. For instance, we don’t eat dinner until the second child has seen the first star in the sky. We’ve always celebrated this way and I actually consider my Christmas to be January 7th. The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize that my Christmas is in fact Orthodox Christmas until I came to ships and found other people that celebrate it as well. It’s not that I’m actually religious in any way, for me it’s about tradition and family. Since I’ve come on board I’ve found many other people who also celebrate when I do which makes it a little easier to be away from my family. This year there is a whole group of us are celebrating Christmas together on January 7th which I’m super excited about!! This is the hardest day for me to be away from my family and I’m missing them terribly, but I know that I’m with them in spirit and they know that I’m always thinking of them. It still makes me sad to not be home doing all the traditional Christmas things with them, but my ship family makes it a little bit easier! Happy Holidays everybody!!!!

Hello Santa!!

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One of the funniest things about my office is that we share with the print shop technician, and shore excursions! We all have so much fun together, it’s nice to have a chance to bond with other departments as well as our own. It really makes the family feeling stronger!

It also gives us many opportunities for practical jokes!!

The other day, full of mischief and Christmas spirit, a few of us covered the shore excursions office in pieces of paper with HI SANTA printed in massive letters on them. In a stroke of pure genius, I made a teeny tiny ‘Santa’ sticker and stealthily put it on the shore ex manager’s name on his name tag that was attached to his sweater that had been left in the office.

Of course immediately the ‘hi Santa’ signs were thrown out and laughed over. I left the office, off to do something fabulous, and totally forgot about the name tag until later the shore ex manager informed me that he unknowingly wore it all day until a guest cheekily asked him if he had started making his list yet. Of course we all had a good laugh. And actually, I’m still laughing, and occasionally greeting the shore ex manager as Santa!!!

Friends like this make it so much easier to be away from my family on the holidays. My family is very close and it’s really difficult for me to be away from them so long, but my Imagination family is making it much easier!!

Happy holidays everyone, wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating, celebrate well, take care of your friends and family, and be safe!!

Merry Xmas!!

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dsc_4366_01Well it’s Christmas in the Caribbean!! I’m sad to not be with my family, but I’m happy to spend it with wonderful people like the Carnival Liberty guest services team! I’m sure you’re just dying to see our Christmas card photo that we sent to all the other ships. Check it out!! What a great team!!