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The Final Days

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2014 at 11:58 pm

Well, dry dock is coming to a close. I really had the best of intentions and wanted to post all kinds of things during the process, however the dry dock experience kind of sucked me into a non-writing kind of place. The complete overhaul of a massive cruise ship is a very intense process and it’s been an incredible experience to be a part of. I’m SO happy that I got to be a part of this amazing adventure.

The Carnival Pride has undergone an incredible transformation. Throughout the dry dock process we could see that work was being done, however we couldn’t really see the actual progress as everything was under wraps or restricted to specific construction personnel. So for the last three weeks we’ve been sticking to our specific work areas and staying away from everywhere else. Now that we are approaching the end of the dry dock, the restricted signs are coming down, the plastic curtains are being lifted, and we are starting to see the results of all the hard work. Our new spaces are incredible!!! Bonsai Sushi, the sushi restaurant, is absolutely stunning, as are the Red Frog Pub and EA Sports bar. The lido deck is still shrouded in mystery, however I hear tell that it’s had a total makeover as well. We have 4 new Playlist Productions shows opening on our ship and the cast just got onboard last week. They are all insanely talented, and beautiful, but are also just lovely human beings. I can’t reveal too much about the shows, however I can tell you that they are spectacular! All of these new shows are built to be not just a show, but an experience, and indeed they are.
Teams of contractors were hired to re-vamp specific areas of the ship and as each area is perfected, each team leaves the ship. At this point, we are left with around 500 contractor type people still onboard, ready to leave in Tampa! We are so excited to welcome our first cruise of guests and show the Carnival Pride 2.0 to the world!!!

Settling In

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Well I’ve been here almost two weeks and it feels like I’ve been here my whole life. My roommate is amazing and my new best friend. My team is fun, supportive, and hard working. Working on a small ship is cool because the crew is smaller than the big ships and it makes you grow closer, more like a family. Of course you always become like family within your department, but somehow here it seems as though all the departments are like a big family. Each class of ship has it’s pros and cons and it’s really cool to experience each class! As far as my job goes, it’s amazing and I love it. I’ve always had too much energy and entertainment makes good use of it. All day long I’m running around, on stage, jumping, playing yelling and laughing. It’s hectic and busy and wonderful. It’s really interesting to experience a different aspect of the operation of a cruise ship. In guest services, you have contact with almost all the other departments to help solve the guest concerns, but most of your work is done from inside the office. In entertainment, it’s very hands on, you are constantly out with the guests, all over the ship dealing with electronics and musicians and dancers and microphones and technical difficulties. All with a smile on your face. I really love seeing the guests in a different light, where they are happy and having a good time. This cruise I encountered a few guests that cruised with me on the Legend and it was really lovely to see them again and have a chance to chat and catch up after the last few months. Needless to say they were surprised to see me in a host uniform but they told me I’m wonderful and they love me in the new position, which I can’t hear enough, lol. At any rate, enough chatting, check out a picture of my new team and I!!



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So here at Carnival, they try very hard to keep us crew members entertained. Every month there is a different department assigned to come up with crew activities for us to do. Example of such activities include movie nights in the theatre, parties in the cabinet bar (one of the many bars on board) with DJs and usually a theme of some kind, sports challenges, etc.  This month the entertainment department is responsible for activities. I have to say, the Ents team is really taking it to the next level. They have really put so much effort into their activities. Last night they hosted a fashion show and a crew auction where they auctioned off a date with 6 different crew members and all the proceeds are going to an orphanage in Roatan. Our lovely GSM was nominated to be auctioned off and so of course we pooled our money to bid on him. It was a wildly successful evening and they opened the whole thing by having the dancers perform the first 5 minutes of one of their production shows. It may not sound like much but for many of the crew, it was the only chance to see a part of the show that they will ever get. As an officer I’m very lucky to be able to see the shows whenever I want, however a majority of the crew do not have guest area privileges, and therefore do not get to attend the guest shows. Our shows are FABULOUS and it was a real treat for the crew to get to see parts of one. The fashion show itself was AMAZING!! Graham, one of the entertainment hosts, designed and made by hand all of the costumes. It was phenomenal. Photos to come!!