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Well 2014 is upon us and celebration here on the Carnival Imagination is in full swing. One thing we are doing here is a massive balloon drop in the lobby. So any guest that wants to can write a note on a piece of paper and stick it in a balloon, blow it up, give it to us and we drop it from the very top of the ceiling down to the lobby, where everyone’s dreams come true! Lol. Not sure if the dreams really come true but it’s a nice thought, yes? So in addition to the guest balloons, we blow up a whole whack of balloons for the drop. I put a note for myself in a balloon and I feel like it’s a good omen. This year will be amazing. 2013 was such an incredible year that I don’t know what could possibly happen to make 2014 as good, but I have a good feeling. I’ve learned so much and grown so much in 2013 that I can’t wait to see what happens next!! I know you all want to know, but I am going to disappoint you. I don’t have a traditional New Years resolution, I just want to continue to live every day like its my last, and do what makes me and my family happy. So I guess my resolution is to keep on keeping on. I’m so happy, I’m working on being the most amazing person I can be and that’s all I can really expect from myself. I wish all of you and your loved ones the happiest of New Years and I know that 2014 will be everyone’s best year ever.

How are you celebrating tonight??



Hello Santa!!

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One of the funniest things about my office is that we share with the print shop technician, and shore excursions! We all have so much fun together, it’s nice to have a chance to bond with other departments as well as our own. It really makes the family feeling stronger!

It also gives us many opportunities for practical jokes!!

The other day, full of mischief and Christmas spirit, a few of us covered the shore excursions office in pieces of paper with HI SANTA printed in massive letters on them. In a stroke of pure genius, I made a teeny tiny ‘Santa’ sticker and stealthily put it on the shore ex manager’s name on his name tag that was attached to his sweater that had been left in the office.

Of course immediately the ‘hi Santa’ signs were thrown out and laughed over. I left the office, off to do something fabulous, and totally forgot about the name tag until later the shore ex manager informed me that he unknowingly wore it all day until a guest cheekily asked him if he had started making his list yet. Of course we all had a good laugh. And actually, I’m still laughing, and occasionally greeting the shore ex manager as Santa!!!

Friends like this make it so much easier to be away from my family on the holidays. My family is very close and it’s really difficult for me to be away from them so long, but my Imagination family is making it much easier!!

Happy holidays everyone, wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating, celebrate well, take care of your friends and family, and be safe!!