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Cruise Dynamics

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Working at the Guest Services desk is always an adventure. We have some of the best stories in my opinion, because everyone brings us their challenges to solve. Any of you who are Carnival fans may know about John Heald, our senior cruise director and his blog. ( First of all, I have to say that as a Carnival employee I had obviously heard of John before and was very interested to meet him. Both he and his Assistant Cruise Director, Calvyn (my paisano, he even went to (UVic as well) are marvelous. They are funny, like REALLY funny. The Morning Show (a cruise director talk show, airs in the mornings on the cabin TVs) is absolutely hysterical. I like to watch it while running on the treadmill, and often I laugh so hard I’m in danger of falling off! Being a bit of a celebrity, John has lots of fans, some people even book their cruises around when he will be working! As a result, people tend to listen to his announcements and talks as reverently as the flying monkeys listened to the wicked witch in Oz. When we went to Messina (known for their cannoli) John made mention over the PA that the entertainment staff and guest services staff really like cannoli. As a result, our back office fridge was FULL of cannoli for us, John, Calvyn and even the captain. John also does some things I’ve never heard a cruise director do. For instance, if guests are late to the ship in ports, he announces their names over the PA, for the rest of the cruise, everyone knows exactly who we had to wait at the gangway for. The other day the late comers were hustling to get back on board and John announces, “Well, it looks like Mr and Mrs_____ are running down the gangway, welcome back, thank you for joining us!” It absolutely makes my day every single time. John also sometimes will write on his blog about the more difficult guests that we encounter here, which I also find extremely entertaining. Please do check out his blog, as he is blogging while cruising with us, and he has plenty of entertaining things to say!!