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My first night shift began in a weird place of knowing that I should be sleeping after my short 2 hour morning shift because I knew that I would have to work overnight but yet was not sleepy. I managed to get some sleep and the first shift passed uneventfully. I did a few silly things because it was my first time running those specific reports, but nothing I couldn’t fix. The biggest thing at night that is different than the day (which will sound silly), is that there is no one else there. If you have a problem or a question, there are usually many people around to help you out. At night you are the only person responsible for everything. Which is why new crew members aren’t typically assigned to nights until they’ve been around for several months, it takes a while to be comfortable enough with everything. I had a delightful time my first night shift. It was calm (probably because it was the night before New Years, everyone was resting up). At 3am I called the bridge to see how the boys up there were doing, then the night housekeeping manager came to the GS desk to eat some room service with me at about 4 am. Tonight should prove to be a little more interesting at it is indeed New Years Eve!!! Happy 2012 everybody!!!

Night Shift

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Something interesting is about to happen to my work schedule. I’m going on NIGHT SHIFT!!! Guest Services is open 24 hours, so obviously someone has to be working late at night. On Carnival ships, we GSAs rotate the night shift. So every two weeks, we switch, and someone new is on night shift for two weeks. This coming Saturday, it’s my turn! I’m super excited about it. There’s a few things that change drastically when you are on night shift. For one, you don’t have any side duties other than the night shift reports. Currently during each cruise, I am responsible for Guest Access (we have a list of people that have special needs, things like needing wheelchair assistance, food allergies, learning disabilities, cancer, guide dogs, and guests who need to bring oxygen onboard. As you can imagine, it’s very important to know these things before a guest boards the ship.), international assistance (daily FunTimes newsletter translation, and special embarkation letters to French guests), and lost and found reports (lost and found is serious business, if each item that’s found or returned isn’t properly logged and tagged, people can lose their jobs). Each of these side duties can take anywhere from 1-4 hours in a day depending on the cruise. So even if I’m only scheduled 4-6 hours of desk time a day, I could have another 4 hours of side duties to complete, as well as follow up from anything that occurred while I was working the desk or phones (which is often a lot). While on night shift, I will work from Midnight-7am and do night shift reports, but not have to come into the office at all during the day with the exception of a few meetings during the week. ALSO you are excused from port manning while on night shift so you can go out in the ports every day if you wish. I am planning on doing some of the tours that I’ve never been able to do because they are too long to fit into a regular work day. I am excited for night shift. I’m ready to be a vampire for a while. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I’ve started it, but for now, I’m excited about it!!