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Northern Lights

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm

It’s been a very hectic few days, icebergs and Northern Lights and cold cabins. We have all been on Northern Lights watch and when we left Reykjavik (which means ‘Smokey Bay’ in case you were wondering) it was much too foggy to see anything. The next night, I finished work at 12:30am, and called the bridge to ask if it was foggy and if they thought we might be able to see the lights. The bridge guys laughed at me and said no, it was too foggy. Dejected, I returned to my busy work, and 45 minutes later, when the phone rang it was the bridge, urging me to hurry to the open deck IMMEDIATELY as the lights were visible. I ran outside and there they were, all glowing and amazing! Once everyone heard the next day that we had seen the lights, I got in trouble from many others for not contacting them immediately. So the next night when I got the call for the lights (much earlier this time, around 9pm), I activated the phone tree and called EVERYONE! We all ran outside and the lights were absolutely stunning. MY images are having some uploading difficulties at the moment (ship internet, not always the fastest!) so i will share pictures later. However it’s just as amazing as I had imagined it to be. Check that one off the bucket list!!