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Amazing Moments: Strait of Gibraltar

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The next amazing moment I want to share with you as one of the highlights of the last 7 months is sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar. The first time we did it, it was in the wee hours of the morning and we could only see the headlights of cars and bridge lights. The second time we sailed through it was daylight. It was so amazing to see Europe on one side and Africa on the other. In the daylight we were even able to see the rock of Gibraltar. Magnificent!! This photo makes me remember how far we came and it also reminds me of all the times we gathered together on the open deck to watch for something life-changing.


Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Sometimes the best adventures are the ones we make up as we go along. Our first day in Palma de Mallorca, Alex and I didn’t really expect to be able to get out, but low and behold we did indeed get out. We took a cab into town and just roamed around. Palma is stunning, I could have stayed there forever. We explored, relaxed, ate tapas and drank sangria. And it was wonderful!

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The Strait

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I just wanted to talk for a moment about passing through the strait of Gibraltar. It was the most amazing event! It happened at 1:30am and there were guests and crew all over the open decks. As it was so late we could only see lights, but it was unreal. On the left, you could see headlights from Spain and on the right, lights from Africa! As I stood out on the deck with my colleagues, huddled for warmth (traveling at 20 knots makes for a chilly breeze!), I realized that it was one of those moments that you remember forever, that you talk about until you die. Cross one off my bucket list!! It was an amazingly magical moment that I will treasure for always! Obviously a photo does not do it justice, but I’m going to include one anyway! I also took pictures of the ship’s map channel!!




Snapshot from Mallorca

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There are so many amazing things going on right now and not enough time to share it all with you!! Here’s a quick glimpse of the beautiful Palma de Mallorca. It was an amazing day!!!


Spanish Hospitality

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Everyone always talks about Southern Hospitality, but no one ever told me about Spanish Hospitality!! My dear friend Valeria is from Valencia, Spain, and we just happened to dock there the other day. Darling Valeria invited me into her home to meet her family and have paella (a traditional Spanish dish). Of course I jumped at the chance to see my friend’s home. What a fabulous day we had. Valeria is the only person in her family that speaks English so I got by with my very limited Spanish. Surrounded by food, Spanish wine, and her closest friends/family, I felt so very welcomed, and at home. I am capable of understanding far more Spanish than I actually speak so I was able to follow the conversation without having to tell all my new friends all about myself. It was actually so wonderful just to sit and listen and enjoy without the pressure that often accompanies new countries and new people. On the way back to the ship we stopped at the local sights so we