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Spanish Hospitality

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2013 at 7:25 am

Everyone always talks about Southern Hospitality, but no one ever told me about Spanish Hospitality!! My dear friend Valeria is from Valencia, Spain, and we just happened to dock there the other day. Darling Valeria invited me into her home to meet her family and have paella (a traditional Spanish dish). Of course I jumped at the chance to see my friend’s home. What a fabulous day we had. Valeria is the only person in her family that speaks English so I got by with my very limited Spanish. Surrounded by food, Spanish wine, and her closest friends/family, I felt so very welcomed, and at home. I am capable of understanding far more Spanish than I actually speak so I was able to follow the conversation without having to tell all my new friends all about myself. It was actually so wonderful just to sit and listen and enjoy without the pressure that often accompanies new countries and new people. On the way back to the ship we stopped at the local sights so we